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About Me


I’ve been hooked into photography since I got my first DSLR in 2009 and I realized I enjoyed shooting landscapes while traveling, but while at home (in Houston) I started to look for festivals or interesting events in the area that I could document either on my own or by volunteering officially, as well as attending group events and photowalks by local photographer groups.

Over time I discovered nightspace photography and while I struggled with it initially, I grew comfortable with shooting in the dark along with my tripod. That quickly escalated to seeking dark sky sites where I could enjoy the view of the stars and I found myself constantly looking at places to go where I could get away from the light pollution of Houston and set my camera to capture the night sky, the milky way and any meteor shower I might get lucky enough to enjoy.

My other interests are general landscapes which I usually try to capture while walking about, or while scouting locations for night shoots and I’ve been trying to get myself into making Time-Lapse videos by making a couple of small projects, I still feel I can do much better.

I’ve recently been awarded with the highly commended prize in the 2016 Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition in London, same competition for which I was shortlisted in 2014. I've been published (in print) by the International Dark Sky Association and the Royal Observatory Greenwich and I've also been awarded the RAW artist 2013 Houston photographer of the year for my nightscape photography work. Feel free to browse my portfolio and take a look at my store to see more of my work.